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Die Geschichte der PIK 20

The PIK-20 Designerteam
PIK-20: Markku Hiedanpaa, Hannu Korhonen, Pekka Tammi
PIK-20B: Markku Hiedanpaa, Hannu Korhonen, Pekka Tammi
PIK-20D: Markku Hiedanpaa, Hannu Korhonen
JT-6 (prototype of PIK-20E): Jukka Tervamaki
PIK-20E: Markku Hiedanpaa, Hannu Korhone)

PIK - Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho ry
PIK stands for "Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho ry" and is the "Aviation Club of the Helsinki University of Technology".
The Aviation Club of the Helsinki University of Technology (Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho ry, PIK) was founded by engineering students of the Helsinki University of Technology on the 26th of March 1931. At that time, between the two world wars, aircraft prices were prohibitive when compared to the financial resources of the flying clubs. The only realistic way to have access to an aeroplane was to build one by oneself.

Design and construction of new aeroplanes has been a tradition in PIK ever since its creation in 1931. As a result of this innovative spirit numerous aircraft types have been designed in PIK. Perhaps the most famous of these is the PIK-20 sailplane (see picture). The PIK-20 was one of the very first gliders with a fibreglass/carbon-fibre structure.

Nowadays PIK is an active aviation club and its members are still composed of students or graduates of the Helsinki University of Technology. Air trips to neighbouring countries are flown every year. Flying costs are maintained at a student-friendly level by carrying out most of the maintenance of the club fleet (several single-engine aircraft and gliders) by club members.

alle pik entwicklungen und entwüfe findet man hier

Labortory of leightweight structures
The laboratory designed and constructed two powered light aircraft (PIK-19 and PIK-23) and one glider (PIK-20). Only prototypes were manufactured of the powered aircraft (one PIK-19 and two PIK-23's). By contrary PIK-20 became the most successful aircraft design ever made in Finland . More than 400 pieces of different models of the glider were manufactured in Finland . Also some copies of the motor glider version were later manufactured in France . In all these projects TKK/KRT was responsible of the prototype design and manufacture while the series production was reserved for the commercial partner.

i think, the first company founded to be responsible to produce gliders. i dont know when it was founded and by whom. it was taken over by airi avion later so i think that molino didn't do well as a commercial company.
the pik 20 and the pik 20b where produced by molino.
molino was tasked with getting the glider ready in time for the 1974 Internationals
i think it was an incorporated company and one of the shareholders was eiriavion.

i have no idea where they came from and disappered to. they bought molino, produced the pik 20 d and e glider - and went bankrupt in the 1980ties.
arround 1975 the manufacturer's name (molinoi) changed to EiriAvion (who had been a major shareholder for a number of years).

Issoire Aviation
they bought molds and production licenses for the pik 20E. they designed a glider called pik 30 - a pik 20 with 17 meter wingspan.

Most of them, but it's true that the licence was bought by Issoire
in France that also built some Pik (maybe Pik20E and Pik30 - I'm not

Issoire still exist but doesn't build gliders any more (but they are
trying to market a nice composite motorplane trainer - the Lionceau).

Pekka Tammi
Member of the pik 20 design team - he wrote a master theses which was "The layout and design of a high performance standard class sailplane" - the base for the pik 20 design

Markku Hiedanpaa

Hannu Korhonen

Jukka Tervamaki
Experimenting, creating, designing and building has been everyday work as well as a hobby for me for four decades. I studied aircraft engineering but ended up working with many other kinds of projects in addition to a number of aircraft.

you can find more information about Jukka Tervamaki on his own website.

Actually, Mr Tervamäki is the designer only of JT-5 which is the prototype of
PIK-20E. He took a production line PIK-20, added engine and voilá: PIK-20E
(JT-5) was born. Mr. Tervamäki is well known and highly respected aircraft
designer in Finland, though.

The chief designer of PIK-20 was Mr. Pekka Tammi. The best resource of PIK-20
data is Mr. Markku Hiedanpää who worked as a
inspecting technician and test pilot in EiriAvion and is currently the man in
charge of gliders and experimental matters in Finnish Civil Aviation Authority
/ Flight Safety.

Jouni Laukkanen
ATC officer
Aircraft Inspector (gliders, U/L, exp.)
CFI - Gliders